“if you give me three days of Light” is the autobiography of American writer Helen Keller (HelenKeller1880-1968). When she was one and a half years old, Helen Keller lost her hearing and eyesight because of illness and became deaf, dumb and blind. Living in a silent world until the arrival of Miss Sullivan slowly changed her fate. Not only did she learn to speak and write, she went to college, and she became a writer, philanthropist, educator, speaker, and social activist. Her classic essay, “if it gives me three days of Light”, inspires countless young people to succeed.

Helen Keller has only 19 months of light. If she were given three days of light, she would like to see the people who made her life valuable the first day, the uncertainty of light and the sunrise the next day, and the third day she wanted to explore and study. As a blind person, imagine what you would do if you had three days to see the world-including seeing the people who helped you, and feeling nature and tasting the world of art.

ThreeDaystoSee (Excerpts)



SometimesIhavethoughtitwouldbeanexcellentruletoliveeachdayasifweshoulddietomorrow.Suchanattitudewouldemphasizesharplythevaluesoflife.Weshouldliveeachdaywithgentleness,vigorandakeennessofappreciationwhichareoftenlostwhentimestretchesbeforeusintheconstantpanoramaofmoredaysandmonthsandyearstocome.Therearethose,ofcourse,whowouldadopttheEpicureanmottoof “Eat,drink,andbemerry”. Butmostpeoplewouldbechastenedbythecertaintyofimpendingdeath.






We have all read shocking stories in which the protagonist can only live a limited period of time, sometimes as long as a year, sometimes as short as a day. But we always want to know, doomed to leave the world will choose how to spend their last time. Of course, I am talking about free people who have the right to choose, not death row prisoners whose range of activities is strictly limited.

Such stories make us wonder what we should do in a similar situation. As a dead person, what should we do, what experiences or associations we should do in the hours before we die? Memories of the past, what makes us happy? What makes us regret it?

Sometimes I think that it is an excellent rule of life to treat every day as the last day of life. This attitude makes people pay special attention to the value of life. We should live with grace, energy and gratitude every day. But when time passes in front of us with endless days, months and years, we often do not have this feeling. There are, of course, people who follow the hedonistic creed of “eat, drink, enjoy,” but the vast majority will still be punished by impending death.

In the story, the dying hero is usually saved at the last minute by sudden fall of luck, but his values often change, he becomes more understanding of the meaning of life and its eternal spiritual value. We often notice that those who live or have lived in the shadow of death are happy no matter what they do.

However, most of us take life for granted. We know that one day we will face death, but always think that day is still in the distant future. When we are strong and healthy, death is unthinkable, and we seldom take it into account. The days seem endless. So we are too busy with trifles to realize our indifference to life.

I fear that the same apathy exists in the use of our senses and consciousness. Only the deaf understand the importance of hearing, and only the blind understand the value of vision. This is especially true for those who lose sight or suffer from hearing in adulthood and rarely make full use of these valuable abilities. Their eyes and ears vaguely felt the scene and sound around them, absent-minded and ungrateful. It just happens that we only know how to cherish it after we lose it, and we realize the value of health only after we get sick.

I have often thought that it would be a blessing if everyone had a few days of deafness when they were young. Darkness will make him more grateful for the light, silence will tell him the beauty of his voice.

“I love water. For me, water is life. It is the source of inspiration for my artistic creation. I fear the primordial energy of the sea and its peace, and try to observe it from the sea and deep into the sea. Its great blue air gives me peace of mind. ”

Henkie Coomjoro

Helen Keller once said, “the beautiful world you see comes from within.”

Today, photographer HengkiKoentjoro, the photographer you want to introduce, records this beautiful world in the simplest way possible. Each photo is like a ink painting scroll, in inadvertently shake the hearts of the people.

Henkie Coomjoro 1963 was born in Indonesia and now lives in Jakarta. He graduated from the SantaBarbara Photography School in California in 1991 . During his college years, he majored in photography and fine arts.

Koenjoro regards photography as a joy of life, and he especially likes to show the beauty of nature in a very simple black and white style. Stone, pavilion, beach and other natural landscape, in his lens contains a hint of Zen.

In his “focus” collection of (Mindfulness) ‘s works, the elements in the picture, though few, are worth savoring.

The black and white tone, the extremely simple picture, gives the viewer a kind of body and mind quiet joyful feeling, and experiences the meditation comfort.

Cohen Giorro has said that the inspiration for the photos comes from the things in his life that touch his feelings. Sometimes it’s a tree, a valley or a cloud that you can record with a camera if you like.

Hope to see such works, in the bustling city of you can calm the body and mind.


Source: http://www.hengki-koentjoro.com/

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Since wisdom comes from feeling, where does it come from? There are, of course, six major sensory systems, including vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and vestibule. Tactile system is the basic pathway of all sensory systems. Tactile is the key to open the door of knowing the world!

here’s the story of Helen Keller (American writer and educator, June 27, 1880-June 1, 1968) to get a closer look at the magic of this key.

Helen Keller, 19 months old with scarlet fever, turned from a healthy and intelligent child into a blind, deaf and mute child. She had already seen the butterflies among the flowers with her eyes. She had already heard in her ears the song of the insects in the morning, and she had uttered wonderful and magical words in her mouth. Was it because of this change that the world was full of interest and vitality? Did you close the doors and windows cold and cold to her? Of course not, and it is impossible, because the powerful human sensory system, the touch, still exists intact. In fact, in the days that followed, with Helen Keller in contempt of the pain and suffering of the disease, he built up her cognition in a nearly sweeping manner, overcoming the barrier of blindness, deafness, and mute. Link up love and warmth.

. Let’s follow Helen Keller back to March 1887 when Miss Sullivan put a water cup in my hand and spelt the word ‘water cup’ on my hand. Then she began to pour water into the cup and wrote the word “water” on my hand. She wanted me to distinguish “water cup” from “water”, but I couldn’t tell the two words clearly. We walked down to Shuijing Square. Along the way, the fresh smell of flowers and plants is refreshing. Miss Sullivan put one of my hands under the outlet and began to press the water. As the cool water flowed through my hand, she quickly spelt the word ‘water’ on my other hand, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. Suddenly it seemed to me that a miraculous force was guiding me, that I knew instantly the mystery of words, and that the word ‘water’ was the name of this cool and wonderful thing flowing through my hand.

The word “water” is like the sunshine of three or nine cold days into my heart. This vital word awakens my long-asleep heart, brings me infinite light and hope, and knowledge lets me get rid of the bondage. Put me in a free world.

. Miss Sullivan opened the door of my heart, and the experience of Shuijing Square opened the eyes of my heart. I look forward to something new every day. Every day I am impatient to touch everything I can touch and quickly remember their names. The more things I touch, the stronger my desire to know them is, and gradually I know not only the names of things, but also their uses. My heart is filled with joy and confidence, and I no longer feel lonely, because I feel connected to the outside world. (from the autobiography of Helen Keller).

in this way, Helen Keller learned what is the cool wind of practice, what is the thick earth, what is the rivers, lakes and oceans, what is the alternation of day and night and the cycle of the four seasons.

The sense of touch magically opens a window for the unfortunate Helen Keller, who, with her instinctive awareness of life and extraordinary willpower, has been able to recognize and feel the world as well as the able-bodied.

recall that none of us in the first place did not build our cognition by tactile. Why is it that the first word a child usually says is “mother”, not so much a mother as a good pronunciator? because mother is the first big, close, stereoscopic, safe, and pluralistic tactile object of a child. In October pregnancy, the child felt the mother’s temperature, mother’s mood, mother’s palm touch, mother’s whispering vibration. At birth, the child felt the continuous squeezing of the mother’s entire birth canal and the wake-up of the whole body. After birth, the child can suck the tits and feel the nourishment of sweetness, may from time to time be greasy on her mother’s warm shoulders, can scratch her long soft hair, can touch her loving face, and can touch her every time she needs her mother. I heard my mother saying, “it’s okay, Mom is.” It stinks again. Mom helps you get it. It will be comfortable for a while. Mom cut your nails. Don’t be afraid. Mom gave you a massage. “

when the child gets full tactile stimulation and is able to integrate the visual, auditory and vocal organs in a coordinated manner, the child suddenly presents a milestone moment in which he starts calling ‘Mom’.

As Helen Keller put it: “the amazing experience of Shuijing Square suddenly aroused my thirst for knowledge.” I finally understand that everything in heaven and earth has its own name. ” Yes, the mother also has a name, so the child can feel and recognize the existence and state of the objective body of the mother through tactile, when he can express it in words. It makes sense to label this first perceived consideration of objectivity as a language.

As Helen Keller put it: “sometimes the hands appreciate the beauty of sculpture better than the eyes.” The sense of tactile rhythm to the curve is deeper and more accurate than the visual experience. ” So at the moment, we know some of the behavior of the child: why he eats his hands, why he bites his toes, why he sees things in his hands to stop, why he has to touch and touch in a new environment. Why.

Life is truly magical. Relying on the dogged fighting spirit and the magic of touch in the genetic code, wisdom can build a bridge between the mind and the world. It is time to liberate the child’s touch, and then you take him with him, he brings his own slow desire for knowledge and keen sense of touch, together to come to a brilliant life trip!

The darkness will make people cherish the light more, the silence will make the people more like the voice.

2. For in the long night of my life, the books I have read and the books read to me have become a great beacon of light, revealing to me the deepest source of human life and human spirit.

3. The most beautiful thing in the world can not be seen or touched, it must be felt by the heart.

Love is untouchable, but you can feel the sweetness she brings.

5. I can feel so much happiness by mere touch, so if I can see, how many better things I can find?!

6. The greatest disaster in life lies not in the trauma of the past, but in giving up the future.

Nothing can be done without hope.

All the atoms in me are vibrators. I can guess what happens every day through the vibrations felt everywhere in the house.

9. Use your eyes as if you were going to lose them tomorrow.

Death is just moving from one room to another, but I may not be like anyone else because I can see things with my eyes in that new room.

“strong” masterpiece: “if give me three days of Light” Helen Keller autobiography “and so on

Helen Keller (June 27, 1880-June 1, 1968) is a famous American woman writer, educator, philanthropist, and social activist. At 19 months after birth, he was deprived of vision and hearing due to acute gastric congestion and brain congestion.

Strong, admitted to Radcliffe College for Women at Harvard University in June 1899. He died on June 1, 1968, at the age of 88, but lived in a silent world for 87 years. During this time, she has completed 14 books in succession. One of the most famous is: “if give me three days of light,” my life story, “Stone Wall Story.” She was dedicated to the benefit of the disabled, set up a charity, won the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” in 1964, the following year, “time magazine” named “one of the top ten American hero idols of the twentieth century.”

Strong is the masterpiece of Helen Keller, a famous contemporary American writer. From the perspective of a frail and infirm woman, she warned the able-bodied people to cherish life and everything that the Creator had given. In addition, “my Life Story” is Helen Keller’s autobiographical work, known as the world’s unparalleled masterpiece in literary history.

1. Keep your face to the sun so that you don’t see the shadow.

2. For those above fate, faith is the master of life.

3. The heart is still there, hope will not disappear.

4. Dark clouds can not cover the sun, evil will be knocked down, the real victory will always belong to justice.

5. Perhaps the human sorrow lies in this, has the thing not to cherish, for the cannot but always longed.

6. I’ve been crying. I’m not wearing new shoes. Until one day, I found someone without feet.

7. Our scariest enemy is not our talent, but our hesitation and hesitation. Position yourself as a certain kind of person, then, oneself became that kind of person.

8. Knowledge teaches love and gives light and wisdom

9. Live every day as the last day of life.

10. Sometimes I think, maybe the best way to live is to see each day as the end of your life. With this attitude to life, the value of life can be demonstrated. We should have lived each day with pure kindness and passion, but day after day, month after month, year after year, these qualities are often diluted by time.

11. Whenever I was unhappy, I would hide in the flowers, hide my crying face into the moist and tender leaves, and their fragrance would comfort me. In a moment, my bad mood would disappear.

12. Reading a good book is talking to a great soul.

13. The greatest disaster in life is not the trauma of the past, but the abandonment of the future.

14. Those who seek happiness, if they stop for just a minute and think about it, will realize that the joy they truly experience, like the grass at their feet, or the dew on the morning flowers, is innumerable.

15. In this world, why do only deaf people cherish the lost hearing? Only the blind cherish the happiness of seeing the sun again? Let us cherish every day of life, to enrich life, to enjoy life.

16. I always thought, if God gives me three days of light, what do I want to see most? Or how will I enjoy this happiness? When I think this way, how do you imagine it? think about it. If you have only three days of light, how will you use your eyes? Where do you want your eyes to stay?

17. I will try my best to look at my precious things, and you must want to keep your eyes on them, so that you can remember them before the darkness comes.

18. The brilliance of youth was so brilliant that one could not look directly at it, and the unafraid energy of heaven and earth was so enviable.

19. Knowledge is not so much power as happiness. Because of extensive and profound knowledge, you can distinguish between true, false, good and evil, and distinguish between high and low. To master the ideas and achievements that mark the progress of mankind is to feel the pulse of human activity for a long time. A man cannot understand the harmonious movement of human life if he cannot understand the great desire of man who jumps in the pulse.

20. I only see what I have, not what I don’t have.

21. As long as you look at the sun, you won’t see the shadow.

22. Some people say that knowledge is power. To me, knowledge is happiness. With knowledge, you can distinguish between truth and falsehood, between nobility and smallness. When you learn about the thinking and behavior of people at all times, you feel sympathetic and close to the human race that has developed to this day.

23. Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of solutions to difficulties.

24. With confidence, perseverance and perseverance, human potential tends to reach a level that we cannot imagine.

25. I often encourage a goal is: I in the day of life, to learn to stand on their own, within the limits of their ability to try not to add to other people’s trouble. In religious terms it is: take up your cross with a smile. This is not to surrender to fate, but to face it and try to overcome it.

26. Confidence is a state of mind, and a confident person does not become depressed in an instant.

27. The most beautiful thing in the world can not be seen or touched, it must be felt by the heart.

28. Remember, a person who loves himself too much is often the one who kills himself

29. However, life is fragile, when all the assumptions become a reality, it is too late. Therefore, in whatever age, love and courage are the foundation of our existence.

30. The god of hope comes to me with a smile and whispers, “ecstasy is happiness.” Therefore I will regard as my sun the light I see in the eyes of others, the music I hear in the ears of others, and the smile in the corners of my mouth as my joy.

31. Darkness will make people cherish light more, silence will make people more fond of voice.

32. We can’t stop; we have to enrich ourselves all the time so that we can contribute the fruits of our efforts for a perfect tomorrow.

33. Knowledge gives love, light and wisdom.

34. Do not want to defend themselves, do not want to complain about anything.

35. My life is full of vitality, just like those little insects that are dying day after day, squeezing my life into one day.

36. In the long darkness of my life, the books I have read and read to me have become a great beacon of glory, showing me the deepest course of life and soul.

37. Most of the world’s misfortunes may have remedies, but the most unfortunate have no remedy, and that is human indifference.

38. Smell all the fragrance of flowers, taste every delicacy, as tomorrow you can not smell taste.

39. Knowledge gives people love, give people light, give people wisdom, it should be said that knowledge is happiness, because with knowledge, it is to touch the pulse of human activities in history, otherwise, do not understand the music of human life!

40. Make good use of your eyes, as tomorrow you will suffer the disaster of blindness.

2, Keepyourfacetothesunshineandyoucannotseetheshadow.–HelenKeller

Just look into the sun and you won’t see the shadow. Helen Keller

3, Ourownheart,andnotothermen'sopinion,formsourtruehonor.–SamuelTaylorColeridge

My honor consists not of the opinions of others, but of my own heart. Coolidge

4, EvenwhenIwasn'tsurewhereIwasgoing,Iwasalwaysinahurry.

Even if I don’t know where the way is, I always step in a hurry.

5, Easytosaywelove,difficulttodemonstrateiteveryday.

It’s easy to say that I love you. It’s much harder to prove your love every day.

6, Alwayslookatthebrightsideoflife.Ifthereisnobrightside,waituntilthefutureturnstolight.

Focus on the bright side of life. If there is no glorious side, be patient and wait for the brilliance to come.

7, Ittakesastrongmantosavehimself,andagreatmantosaveanother.

Strong people can only save themselves, great people can save others.

8, Educationisnotfillingabucket,butlightingafire.

Education is not to fill a bucket of water, but to light a fire.

9, Hopeisagoodthing,maybethebestofthings,andnogoodthingeverdies.

Hope is good, perhaps the best of things, and good things never die.

10, Theworld'smostwideocean,widerthantheoceanisthesky,widerthantheskyisthehumanmind.

The widest in the world is the ocean, the wider than the ocean is the sky, the wider than the sky is the mind of man. & # 821; Hugo


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