Whether you are a framing or a myopic man, I believe you will fall in love with these eight glasses brands


Don’t buy it. A few days ago, we had a couple of TOPMEN articles about the facial shape with glasses and glasses, and then a lot of friends left messages asking for the Amway glasses brand. So here we are today. I hope today’s article can be used as a reference for you to buy glasses and understand the brand. Of course, because of the small editor of the lack of news, you know the good glasses brand messages added to more needy partners to see.

Now, whether variety shows, TV dramas or stars in the daily street shooting, glasses have become the sharp weapon in the shape of matting. Speaking of glasses brand, even if not people in the industry have heard of Seiko glasses, this is a relatively famous Japanese brand, of course, people are afraid of famous pigs afraid of Zhuang, so now there are a lot of fake Seiko glasses. Many other international luxury brands have glasses, such as Dior, PRADA, Burberry, Gucci, etc., but Xiaobian believes that these are mainly sold brands, not that they are poor quality, but in the end they do not focus on the glasses themselves. So, today for you Amway 8 reliable glasses brand.

# LookOptical

LookOptical is the biggest eyewear chain in South Korea, which has become a booming South Korean eyewear brand in recent years. The brand slogan is: glasses is the facade. The aim is to promote whether you are nearsighted or not, glasses can make you more stylish, so their home frame can also be used to pick shape, the main trend of Han Fan style, the price is relatively close to the people, around 500 yuan. There are already physical stores in Shanghai and Wuxi.


“Innovation experiment” as the brand purpose of GENTLEMONSTER < / strong "since its inception in 2011 has swept the Korean fashion world immediately, become a number of Korean stars must be a single item." What is worth mentioning is that its sunglasses are quite famous and become the standard match for many Korean stars. Each Korean star can be said to have a pair of hands. GENTLEMONSTER glasses are suitable for both men and women. They are made of cellulose acetate, titanium steel, or stainless steel frames. The advantages of these materials are that they are easy to adjust the shape and structure of the glasses and are not easily deformed by heat.


JINS (Qingzi) is a well-known and global eyewear brand in Japan. In recent years, it has been rapidly landing in China, with the slogan “look through the future through glasses”, not only as a tool to correct eyesight and block ultraviolet rays, but also as a tool to correct eyesight and block ultraviolet rays. But as a necessity for the human body, like clothes. JINS inherits the exquisite craftsmanship spirit of Japan, the quality of each product is very excellent, and light and comfortable, will not have long after wearing fatigue.

# Zoff

Zoff is also a well-known glasses brand in Japan. It is worth mentioning that each product is from Japan’s Jingjiang mirror frame, each pair are made by craftsmen. The price is about 400-800 yuan, the main traditional, college, nerd style. Now there are physical stores in Beijing.

# SagawaFujii'sEyewear

SagawaFujii'sEyewear (Sagawa Fujii) is a Japanese trend of retro glasses, of course, is the retro wind. worth recommending is Sagawa Fujii log glasses series . The raw materials are mainly beech, mountain pear, red sandalwood, Bai Hua wood and imported mahogany, etc. Of course, the price is mainly related to wood, among which there are more beech trees. Beech is the best kind of hardwood texture, and easy to maintain, the price is not high, the counter in the 500-600 yuan. What should notice is, because is log glasses, true and false difficult to distinguish, so suggest to buy to counter.

# Moscot

Moscot was born in 1915 in New York, the United States, can be said to be the old American brand of glasses. As an old brand, both in quality and style are favored. The most representative of the MOSCOT series is the Lemtosh model , and Depp is also the best spokesperson for the series, with Uncle Nick and Yu Wenle both fans. Note that because Moscot is an American brand, so the design is based on the profile of the European and American people to design, to choose if you had better go to the counter trial purchase.


The German brand LOTOS is the oldest brand introduced this year, born in 1872. Glasses are all made by hand, from framing, welding, polishing and so on. They are all refined by craftsmen, only accept custom, very in line with the taste and status of business people. Many international celebrities and dignitaries love LOTOS, most notably the Beatles’ lead singer John Lennon and Elvis. (but the price is a little expensive, the mind is weak to bear or not to search.)

# Lunor

The final finale was Joe’s favorite, but not Jordan, the god of basketball, but Jobs. When it comes to Jobs, we all remember his Apple and his black T-shirt and cowboy, but he wears the same glasses. Jobs’ glasses are also from the German brand Lunor , also made by hand and of excellent quality. Compared with the German brand above, Lunor is obviously more cost-effective. Joe is wearing Lunorclassicrund (reference price: 3000 yuan) , perfect round lens and retro metal frame, it is impossible to extricate yourself.


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