Minimalism, that’s high.

“I love water. For me, water is life. It is the source of inspiration for my artistic creation. I fear the primordial energy of the sea and its peace, and try to observe it from the sea and deep into the sea. Its great blue air gives me peace of mind. ”

Henkie Coomjoro

Helen Keller once said, “the beautiful world you see comes from within.”

Today, photographer HengkiKoentjoro, the photographer you want to introduce, records this beautiful world in the simplest way possible. Each photo is like a ink painting scroll, in inadvertently shake the hearts of the people.

Henkie Coomjoro 1963 was born in Indonesia and now lives in Jakarta. He graduated from the SantaBarbara Photography School in California in 1991 . During his college years, he majored in photography and fine arts.

Koenjoro regards photography as a joy of life, and he especially likes to show the beauty of nature in a very simple black and white style. Stone, pavilion, beach and other natural landscape, in his lens contains a hint of Zen.

In his “focus” collection of (Mindfulness) ‘s works, the elements in the picture, though few, are worth savoring.

The black and white tone, the extremely simple picture, gives the viewer a kind of body and mind quiet joyful feeling, and experiences the meditation comfort.

Cohen Giorro has said that the inspiration for the photos comes from the things in his life that touch his feelings. Sometimes it’s a tree, a valley or a cloud that you can record with a camera if you like.

Hope to see such works, in the bustling city of you can calm the body and mind.



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