Liu Fang, a blind teacher: Helen Keller in the mountains of China

On September 28, Liu Fang taught in a psychological tutorial. For ten years, she went from light to darkness. Far from being engulfed by darkness, she lived with an unprecedented luster. With superhuman perseverance, she taught, wrote books, and helped poor children. She worked better than many normal people, lighting up countless people with a warm heart. Her name is Liu Fang, a blind female teacher in No.3 Middle School in Baiyun District, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, known as “Helen Keller in the mountains of China.” Xinhua Reporter Wang Quanchao Photo

For a whole decade, Liu Fang went from light to darkness.

One year at the graduation ceremony, a shy girl blushed and asked her, “can you see if I donate a cornea to you?”

“Thank you, good boy. The teacher’s illness is not a matter of the cornea.”

The little girl thought about it, then looked up and said, “then I’ll give you an eyeball.”

Speaking of this matter, has been smiling to face the reporter Liu Fang suddenly red eyes.

She is only an ordinary female teacher in rural middle school in Guizhou. Why is she called Helen Keller in the mountains of China? Why are there so many extraordinary stories in her ordinary life?

from Light to Dark

In 2007, Liu Fang had a dream over and over again: night, no way to find home. As soon as I looked up, I suddenly saw the stars all over the sky. She grabbed the people around her and told each other that it would be a fine day tomorrow.

At that time, she was blind.

She knew ten years ago that day would come. It turned out that she was a bit blind at night. In 1997, she had a “ripple of water” in front of her eyes. The aperture of silver, gold and blue was like a “flower of evil”, with layers of petals constantly blooming. She looked at the world as if it were a fish tank.

A judgment of fate from heaven-incurable disease.

Doctors say this is called retinitis pigmentosa, with an incidence of just 1/1000000.

A soft leg, Liu Fang nearly collapsed.

She was 26 years old and had just worked for four years in No.3 Middle School in Baiyun District, Guiyang. She married someone in love, and her 8-month-old son was babbling in swaddling clothes.

In the dead of night, she bitten the horns and wept in the dark.

She used to be a happy, simple girl with an apple face, a petite figure, and laughter, painting, writing poetry, calligraphy, singing and dancing.

She likes to teach, and she teaches differently. To correct a composition, draw a cartoon face before writing a comment to show the overall impression. There are bright smiles, ordinary smiles, tight corners of the mouth, withered faces, painful twists, some with chicken crowns and sheep horn braids. The students looked at the relaxed humor with a smile.

Blind, how to draw a smiling face?

She studied painting for two years, hoping to keep the colorful world with a brush. The most carefully painted is an owl: yellow and brown feathers standing on the withered branches, the background is blue sky, the most moving is the eyes-round and large, as if to see through all the darkness.

The field of vision is getting narrower and the vision is blurred from year to year.

In 2001, she read the last paper book, The Smiling、Proud Wanderer.

In 2006, the last two words she saw were the “language” on the cover of the textbook.

In 2007, she was completely surrounded by darkness.

That year a video has been preserved: the students are over, Liu Fang picked up his bag from the platform, fumbled to the door, looked back at the empty classroom she could not see, slowly closed the door.

On September 28, Liu Fang interacted with students in a psychological tutorial. Xinhua Reporter Wang Quanchao Photo

seize Light in Darkness

When I first met Liu Fang, many people didn’t believe that he was blind.

At home, she sweeps the floor, wash clothes, pour boiling water, make coffee, cook vegetables, exercise on the treadmill, and she is almost as skilled as anyone else. With the help of blind software, she texted faster than many other people. At school, she can approach 100 meters alone, go down two floors, turn around 5 bends, and easily find a public toilet.

Few people understand how she survived over the years.

At the beginning of 2008, when the snow disaster, the district water outage, she was carrying a bucket, groping for the next 6 floor to carry water. A giant lump of ice was crumbling over her head. It was freezing and cold. She slipped one step at a time. Finally, she was so tired that she fainted to the ground.

I don’t know how many times she tripped, knocked down, hit the wall, burned out blisters, touched the cup, and now she’s still covered in bruises on her shank. Desperate, depressed, discouraged, she thought about giving up. But on second thought, again relieved: “crying is also a day, smile is also a day.” If you can’t change your life, change your attitude. “

What is even more surprising is that her class results are not only not retrogressive, but also taught two single language subjects in the first place, in the Baiyun three has not been surpassed.

When she was advised to fall ill or rest, she declined: “then my life will really end.”

If a blind man wants to stay on the podium, it will undoubtedly take more than a few times as much effort as the average person.

She sometimes writes askew and sometimes overlaps together. Once, did not pay attention to the edge of the platform, a foot empty, fell on the trash can. The student ran to help her and said, “the last two words have been written on the wall.”

Many years later, her students said, “the blackboard written by Miss Liu is the most beautiful picture in our youth memory.”

Eyes sink into darkness, only the heart can grasp the light.

When she was not completely blind, the students once found that Miss Liu had taken her textbook upside down and kept talking, so she knew that she was not reading at all, but reciting the text.

In order to teach a good book, Liu Fang learned all of the three years of junior high school classical Chinese, other key points, difficulties also remember one by one, a few large thick handout all packed in the heart. Eyesight is getting worse and worse, but the lesson is getting more and more wonderful.

Speaking, learning, teasing, singing, she almost became a crosstalk actor, the classroom filled with laughter and laughter. “the eyes are not good, the class must be vivid, can attract dozens of eyes to me here.”

She corrected her composition with her ears. The students read aloud, and she and the class immediately commented on it.

“be more emotional!” “did anyone think about it from his point of view?” She moved the class like a band conductor.

“it’s my turn!” “I have a different opinion!” The students responded warmly.

Listening, speaking, reading and writing, many kinds of training at the same time, than unidirectional teacher evaluation effect is better.

Students are becoming more and more fond of her. Heard that she may no longer be the head teacher, the students ran to ask the principal, crying said: “must leave Miss Liu ah!” After graduation, they took their younger brother and sister to Liu Fang’s hands and called them into her class.

On September 28, Liu Fang went to the classroom with the help of students. Xinhua Reporter Wang Quanchao Photo

Open a Heart door

One day in 2009, Zhang Yujia, a young teacher, turned to Liu Fang for help, her voice shaking: “there is a girl in our class who wants to kill herself.”

To find the girl Liu Fang reached out and touched the thick gauze on her slender wrist. The normally quiet little girl came from a reorganized family, and she felt she was a superfluous person.

Liu Fang covered her eyes with a piece of cloth and said, “just follow me all day and try how I live.”

A day later, Liu Fang asked, “is it easy?”

“not easy.”

“I live like this every day. I can live well, you have eyes, beautiful and lovely, you can live a better life than me, why give up on themselves? “

The girl’s tears fell on Liu Fang’s hands.

Liu Fang visited the girl’s house again. She could not see the road, but she could only let Zhang Yujia lead her. When it was dark, they drove for more than an hour, walked through the narrow country path and counted the poles before they found the remote village.

Liu Fang told parents that their children are not short of anything, what they lack is a little love. She took her mother’s hand to the scar of her daughter’s wrist and said, “Don’t you love her?”

“Love.” Simple peasant women have never exposed their feelings in life, and when the word “love” was exported, the dust-laden heart door finally opened, mother and daughter hugged together and cried.

Since 2008, he Daichen, the principal, has given Liu Fang a pioneering job-psychological counseling. At that time, the psychological guidance of rural schools in Guizhou is basically blank. Baiyun three middle school is located in the combination of urban and rural areas, adolescence and social transition period intertwined, more than 1,000 students with psychological problems.

Liu Fang summed up his work in four words-listening with love.

In her “growth portfolio”, students crammed into various notes and confided “secrets” that they did not want to tell to Liu Fang-“I can’t hold back my good feelings about her.” My heart always floats up and down, and I don’t know what to do. ” Or, “Today, my favorite grandmother died. I wanted to be strong, but I couldn’t stop my tears.” And, “now my parents are very kind to me, but as I grow older, I suddenly want to go back to my biological parents.”

It is rare for a blind person to be comforted. However, anyone in the face of a more vulnerable than their own need for help, no matter how difficult things should be figured out?

Once a stranger tried to commit suicide because of emotional frustration and sent a text message to Liu Fang by mistake. The phone calls, she admonishes carefully: “you are just an early blooming flower.” Do you realize that you are not yourself? “

Before and after three months, Liu Fang and this never met the girl talk, finally, the girl has a laugh: “teacher Liu, I promise you, live well.”

Liu Fang more than once received such a message: “is you, in my heart lit a lamp.”

September 28, after lunch, Liu Fang and two colleagues in the school playground for a walk and chat. Xinhua Reporter Wang Quanchao Photo

[strong] the poor children, the little love

Just after the Mid-Autumn Festival, Liu Fang told the story of a mooncake.

One year, she arranged the composition is “the Mid-Autumn Festival feeling”, the boy Chen Xiang wrote: “Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone is eating moon cakes.” And I don’t know what mooncakes taste, sweet? Sour? See a lot of people do not like to eat, put the moon cake in the trash can, I want to pick up to eat.

Liu Fang read bitterly, so he went to his home. His parents were working outside, and he lived with the old man in a shabby farmhouse. Liu Fang heard the sound on the window a little strange, touch, not even glass, a few pieces of plastic paper fluttering in the wind. The next day, she brought Chen Xiang a big moon cake.

The boy bit a mouthful, and with tears in his eyes, he said, “Miss Liu, the moon cake is sweet.”

Many years later, Chen Xiang worked and called to invite his teacher to dinner. Liu Fang smiled: “take me to whatever you like.”

After pausing for a second, Chen Xiang said: “I think the best food is moon cakes.”

Guizhou is a large province with poor population in China. Students from rural areas and migrant workers from the Baiyun third Middle School, a lot of poor students. Liu Fang always does more to poor children.

There was a disabled boy who had lost a leg since he was a child. Liu Fang paid for his junior high school tuition for three years and saved money to help him with his prosthetic limb. A mid-range prosthesis is equivalent to Liu Fang’s half-year salary. Not expected, this triggered the “love relay.” When a cadre heard of the matter, he asked for a share of the cost. Not long after, the director of the prosthetic factory came: “I made a high-grade prosthesis for my child for free.”

Finally able to walk on both feet, the boy ran to Liu Fang: “can I call your mother?”

More than two students call her “mother”.

Not long ago, on Teachers’ Day, Yuan Fengmei, who had graduated from university and became a teacher, sent a text message: “Liu Ma, thank you for your fate.”

When she was in the third year of school, Yuan Fengmei’s father died, and Liu Fang took care of her as a daughter. Yuan Fengmei recalled: “when I was the most difficult, Liu Ma was always around.” She seldom touched my grief, and contained me like the sun. “

Before the middle school test, Liu Fang hugs Yuan Fengmei to ask: “is there any problem?”

“you have to trust your daughter.” Yuan Fengmei said, “you can’t see your eyes, and you have taught us so well.” Why should I not learn well? “

That bit by bit of love, in the children’s hearts left a long time warm.

An orphan wrote in his diary: “teacher Liu, since junior high school three years, has been our whole class of more than forty students watching you all, but you can not see our face.” You can only understand our love for you with your heart, using the voice to identify who we are. I want to do something for you, but I can do nothing an orphan want to do, the only thing can do is silently pray for you, hope that one day, you can restore.

On September 28, Liu Fang had a heart-to-heart conversation with 13-year-old Yang Jiaqi.

has regrets, more love and strength

Zeng Xianglei, Liu Fang’s lifelong regret.

That is a dream boy, like music and art, once wrote in an essay: “some people said, life is a sea.” I think in this vast sea of people is a sea of music, it is singing the symphony of life. “

But he dropped out of school in the second year. In this poor mountain, students often work with adults when they are very young. A frequent part of Liu Fang’s and colleagues’ home visits is to coax parents into getting their children back into class.

Liu Fang found Zeng Xianglei and said to him, “read the book well first, then you can pursue your dream better.”

A student in the school died accidentally, Liu Fang specially selected Zeng Xianglei to represent the class to send wreaths. The sensitive boy understood her hard work and wrote in another essay: “Miss Liu is to make me cherish my life and not to do anything meaningless.”

After graduating from junior high school, Zeng Xianglei went to high school and got a job.

Liu Fang did not think that she could reverse the willfulness of adolescence, but could not overcome the deep-rooted poverty.

One day in 2011, Liu Fang’s cell phone rang and heard a mother choking.

Zeng Xianglei is dead.

He went to work on a bridge building site and fell from a height of 40 meters in an accident.

When sorting out the relics, people found a letter that had not been sent in time, two pages of paper, written a week before his death, written to Liu Fang: “I skipped classes again and again, and you called me back again and again, without scolding me at all.” I’m working now. I’m happy. But every time I think about your bad eyes, I feel bad. When I earn money, I will cure you of your illness. I am your son. If you say anything, I’ll be here. “

This is his last wish known to all.

Liu Fang’s other regret is his son.

She saw her son’s face for the last time. He was only seven or eight years old, and now she was in college. Though she could touch her son’s nose, mouth and stubble, she could only imagine whether he was handsome or not. Black? She regretted not seeing her son grow up with her own eyes, and still less of being able to take care of her son like other mothers. For more than a decade, every memory of my son has been accompanied by sweetness and stinging pain.

Only 3 years old, A Niu will say: “the mother does not hold, the baby walks by itself.”

From the age of five or six, he sent his mother to work every morning, and then went to school, rain or shine.

At that time in the Baiyun area, people often see this scene: a small child holding her mother’s hand, left and right looking over the zebra crossing. When he had a car, he said, “Mom, don’t move.” Can pass, shout: “Mom run!”

Liu Fang’s husband works outside all the year round. In the years before his mother moved in, Liu Fang took care of his children alone. Children who are honed and precocious have a deeper love for their mothers.

“my mother was a very ordinary person, but she did something extraordinary.” In the composition of elementary school, Aniu wrote, “her eyes see the world is dark, but her heart will shine everywhere.”

Since Liu Fang insisted on standing on the platform, on the continuous criticism: “A blind person, what books still teach ah?” But she has a stubborn self-esteem-the more pressure, the more straight! And from the side of love and support, is her source of strength.

Many colleagues have been Liu Fang’s “secretary”, help her print materials, collate teaching plans, lead her to dinner, shopping, chat. The students scrambled to help her, lead her to the podium, and put chalk and black eraser in a fixed position so that she could reach for it as soon as she reached for it.

Her kindness, optimism and strength also infected everyone around her. A colleague’s daughter had an operation and there was not enough plasma. She was the first to sign up for blood donation. The whole school knows her passbook password, and anyone who needs it can borrow it.

“Liu Fang gives us a lot of strength.” My colleague, Mao Yanhong, said, “she lives in earnest. What reason do we have to be casual?”

On the evening of September 29, Liu Fang wrote with the help of software for the blind. Xinhua Reporter Wang Quanchao Photo

A river surging & lt; / strong >

Liu Fang loves reading.

Even after she became blind, she used to go to bookstores. Open a book, bury your face in it, take a deep breath, and when the ink perfects your chest, it seems to fly out, encircling her like a firefly, making her intoxicated.

She wrote her first poem in the fifth grade and later published some small works in the press. When the computer installed software for the blind, it became her greatest pleasure to often knock on something. Amazingly, she has completed two novels, one in 170000 words, the other in 280000 words, one of which has been published.

In July 2011, she and some of her colleagues of the same age went to the field to participate in training, chat, everyone talked about the common years of youth. Someone suggested casually: “you also write about our youth.”

That night, she lost sleep, more than ten years of life like a tsunami stormy heart. Face by face, groups of students come and go, every corner of the campus, the remote village in the mountains, the laughter, the tears … One by one, like a call to the same mind, let her surging, blood flow.

When she got home, she turned on her computer and wrote more than two thousand words in one breath. Since then, in teaching, doing housework, urging children to do homework, she insisted on writing every day, smooth can write 5000 words a day.

On a silent night, she sat cross-legged at a small table, her fingers touching a specially marked keyboard, listening to the mechanical sound of reading, and knocking along the way. The darkness seems to open a stage, the story is staged in turn, like a river running on and off. All she had to do was record them.

More than 80 percent of the “pomegranate green”, written in eight months, is true-a group of “post-70s” young teachers stick to the joys and sorrows and joys and sorrows of the western countryside.

The book is brightly colored and humorous, and many subtle observations are sharper than other writers.

Helen Keller once wrote in “if I had three days of Light” that a bright friend walked through the woods for an hour and said, “see nothing special.” To her, a tree bark, a flower, a bird’s jump, a stream’s coolness, were all so beautiful, like “an extremely moving and endless play.”

Liu Fang deeply resonated: “people with bright eyes always take the world’s diversity is for granted, only after blindness to know how to cherish.”

“like dust.” She said, “A lot of people shake quilts and pat pillows and complain, ‘what a big ash!’” For me, every dust is alive, hopping in memory. I saw dust in the sun before, and I never noticed it, but now the dust flutters with the wind. “

Many of the details that had been overlooked were remembered in writing.

She could not help laughing at the strange and embarrassing scenes; the children who were thirsty and helpless, the mountain villages where the beauty and poverty intertwined, and the colleagues who had to leave because of the heavy burden of life.

One night in April 2011, Liu Fang collapsed on the sofa after typing the last word. The mood from the hero’s sentimental world slowly ebb, return to calm, like floating in a gentle river with the current. She seemed to have revisited her life, and now there was only a gray “ripple of water” in front of her eyes. And the halo of the top lamp on the eyelid, like a new hope, beckons from afar.

In the preface to the novel, she writes a sentence: “A river is a river when it is running on the ground, or a river when it flows underground, and finally they all run to the sea, where their souls are equal.” (Xinhua News Agency Reporter Li Keyong and Li Chunhui)

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