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Helen Keller.


She fought for women’s rights, engaged in the cause of workers, promoted equal rights for vulnerable groups, and supported the suffering and oppressed. She also won several awards from Japan, Brazil, Lebanon and other countries. It was an impressive achievement for anyone, but it was made by a woman who was blind and deaf.


Helen Keller was born a healthy child in Alabama in 1880. But when she was 19 months old, she had a terrible illness, and Helen lost sight, hearing, and speech. As she grew up, she was unable to understand everything around her, became manic and difficult to discipline, and eventually her parents had to turn to others.


They were introduced to a blind institution in Boston, Massachusetts, after contacting Dr. Alexander Bell, a well-known inventor and deaf teacher. Anne Sullivan, a student at the institution, was invited to help. She was the famous “miracle worker”.


Sullivan spelt in Helen’s hand to teach her how to associate objects with letters. Once Anne put Helen’s hand under the pump outlet and repeated the spelling of water on her other hand when Helen suddenly realized that she had made a major breakthrough in her study. Since then, she has made rapid progress.


Helen became proficient in reading and writing after she learned finger spelling and Braille, and in 1890 she began to learn to speak. Helen, assisted by Sullivan, entered Radcliffe (Radcliffe) College and graduated with honors in 1904. She became the first blind mute to graduate from college.


Helen Keller spent the rest of her life writing and speaking in solidarity with the blind, deaf and other, vulnerable groups. On behalf of the disabled, she traveled overseas and founded the Helen Keller Endowment for the American Blind Foundation in 1930. Helen Keller, who died on June 1, 1968, is arguably the best example of human perseverance.

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