Helen Keller’s legendary Life

Helen Keller

One day in February 1882, Helen, who was only two years old, developed scarlet fever, which was dangerous at the time. After a period of treatment, Helen Keller’s life was saved, but she became a deaf, dumb, blind girl.

Little Helen Keller

As she grew up, she wanted to walk, but when she started to walk, she was always bruised. My mother knew the place of every piece of furniture every day with little Helen Keller, and after a month she was able to walk freely around the house. At the age of five, she knew where she placed each piece of clothes because she folded them one by one. Put it away.

Helen Keller is a strong child. Although she can’t hear, read or speak, she is eager to communicate with people, so she often communicates with her parents with gestures, but sometimes her parents don’t understand what she means. The strong little Helen Keller cried sadly. Later her parents brought her a very experienced Miss Anne Sullivan who taught deaf and mute children. The first time she met, Miss Sullivan brought a doll to little Helen Keller. Little Helen Keller was so happy with the doll that Miss Sullivan took her hand and wrote the word “doll”. But Helen Keller Jr. finally mastered the learning method, so she pulled Miss Sullivan and asked her to spell everything around her, such as tables, chairs, beds, clothes and so on.

Miss Sullivan also often takes little Helen Keller to the garden to meet the living things of flowers, trees, roses, birds and so on, which arouses her interest in learning. Miss Sullivan began teaching her Braille, and soon Helen Keller, Jr., began to read Braille.

Mr. Sullivan.

May 26, 1888, when Helen Keller was 8 years old, unwilling to be satisfied, she was admitted to Palkins College, Sullivan’s alma mater, and began her formal study. At the same time, Miss Sullivan was still with her to read the book.

Miss Sullivan is an experienced warm-hearted person who lets little Helen Keller touch her face and feel the movement of her tongue, mouth and face as she speaks, and then make Helen Keller imitate her pronunciation. Helen Keller soon learned six words. Inspired by Miss Sullivan, Helen Keller began to learn to speak. Of course, it was very difficult for a teenager who was deaf, dumb and blind, but Helen strong > Keller practiced tenaciously and persistently every day, and at last she was able to speak in full.

Sullivan teaches Helen Keller

Then she learned five languages, French, English, German, Greek, Latin, and algebra, geometry, physics, and so on, all of which were taught by the teacher. Miss Sullivan wrote below in Helen’s Keller’s palm. In the meantime, she wrote her composition and translated on a typewriter as she studied. On June 29, 1896, at the age of 16, she was finally admitted to Harvard University through a long and arduous effort, which shocked New York City.

in 1897, Harvard blind student Helen Keller completed hundreds of thousands of words of autobiographical novel “the Story of my Life”. After the publication of the novel, it aroused a strong response in the United States, Helen Keller also won the respect of countless people.

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