Helen Keller’s famous words

The darkness will make people cherish the light more, the silence will make the people more like the voice.

2. For in the long night of my life, the books I have read and the books read to me have become a great beacon of light, revealing to me the deepest source of human life and human spirit.

3. The most beautiful thing in the world can not be seen or touched, it must be felt by the heart.

Love is untouchable, but you can feel the sweetness she brings.

5. I can feel so much happiness by mere touch, so if I can see, how many better things I can find?!

6. The greatest disaster in life lies not in the trauma of the past, but in giving up the future.

Nothing can be done without hope.

All the atoms in me are vibrators. I can guess what happens every day through the vibrations felt everywhere in the house.

9. Use your eyes as if you were going to lose them tomorrow.

Death is just moving from one room to another, but I may not be like anyone else because I can see things with my eyes in that new room.

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