“Helen Keller in the Chinese Mountain” Liu Fang: ten years of flowering being recognized as my Happiness

Liu Fang (photo provided by interviewees)

Some say she is Helen Keller in the mountains of China; others call “Liu Ma” in her arms. Her name is Liu Fang, the national model of the times on the three-foot podium.

Liu Fang is a teacher of No.3 Middle School in Baiyun District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. In 2007, when the big word “Chinese” on the cover of the textbook disappeared completely from the front, the darkness completely surrounded Liu Fang. Suffering from eye diseases, she still listens to books and textbooks and insists on attending classes for her students. At the same time, as a psychological guidance teacher, she carried out mental health education lectures to help rural left-behind children solve problems in their growth, guide them to grow up healthily, and are trusted and loved by parents and students.

From the “May 1st” advanced laborer in Guiyang, the “model of dedication and moral model” nomination award in Guizhou Province, the “National excellent teacher of moral Education” and “the most Beautiful person in Guizhou’s role Model”. To “CCTV Charitable person of the year”, “China Web events moved 2015” online person of the year, “moved China 2015 person of the year” candidate, national “time model” …

Liu Fang said: “visible suffering is not called suffering, over it; what can be put up with suffering is not called suffering, tolerate it.” (pictures provided by interviewees)

[New year’s message]

In 2016, there were too many blessings, flowers, applause and hugs, full of positive energy.

In 2016, many people said to me, “teacher Liu, we need you!” They are doctors, police, rural teachers, they are parents like me, they are confused students, they are also disabled. I have never felt so deeply that I was needed, and what could be more valuable to me than to need?

More than 60 lectures a year, I use the best state to show their hearts, I am real, is warm, I am ordinary and lovely rural teachers, but also ordinary and persistent women, simple and simple mother, I am happy to be recognized in my own different roles!

I have been busy throughout 2016, school classes, outside training, go to the radio as guest hosts, as the Guizhou Province’s reading and promotion ambassador. Many people worry about my health, it doesn’t matter, I insist on running 40 minutes every day, I also do public welfare, I also travel, I also shopping, I also stink beautiful … I will be full of enthusiasm, healthy body, do my passion.

In 2016, a reporter wrote me a book, “the Biography of Helen Keller Liu Fang in the Mountain,” which affected me a lot. Through precipitation and summing up, I learned that accepting suffering is as important as honor, accepting criticism as being open to praise. Accepting a job makes as much sense as making a transition.

In 2016, I met Ouyang Xia Dan and Jing Yidan. They made me redefine the concept of “goddess”. Yes, I want to be that kind of woman too-to be appreciated but without a diaphragm, to put flowers in your hand, to hold your hand, and to smile tearfully with you.

“warm Spring Action” round my dream, to see the sea in Weihai, Shandong, watching the sunrise at sea. I wrote “waiting for flowers to bloom” with shells on the beach. I hope everyone who has dreams can work hard in the new year to realize their dreams, flowers in front, we will always be on the road.

In 2017, I can’t wait! Wait for a spring breeze, wait for a spring rain, waiting for a vibrant spring blooming.

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