Helen Keller: if I had three days of light


I have often thought that it would be a blessing for everyone to be blind and deaf in his early adulthood, that darkness would make him cherish his sight more, and that silence would teach him to enjoy his voice.

If you want to add more than one year, you will be able to go to the next should you to than to want to give birth to your to .

Of course, I would most like to see what has become precious to me in my years of darkness, and you will want to keep your eyes on those things that have become precious to you. In this way, you will remember them forever as you enter the long night before you.


Sometimes I think it’s a very good habit to have a good day, as if we’re going to die tomorrow. This attitude clearly emphasizes the value of life. We should live each day in an elegant, energetic and fun way. And as the years go by, these are often lost in the days and years to come.

Source: six o’clock in the morning

Editor: Zhang Yuan

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