Follow Helen Keller to know the touch!

Since wisdom comes from feeling, where does it come from? There are, of course, six major sensory systems, including vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and vestibule. Tactile system is the basic pathway of all sensory systems. Tactile is the key to open the door of knowing the world!

here’s the story of Helen Keller (American writer and educator, June 27, 1880-June 1, 1968) to get a closer look at the magic of this key.

Helen Keller, 19 months old with scarlet fever, turned from a healthy and intelligent child into a blind, deaf and mute child. She had already seen the butterflies among the flowers with her eyes. She had already heard in her ears the song of the insects in the morning, and she had uttered wonderful and magical words in her mouth. Was it because of this change that the world was full of interest and vitality? Did you close the doors and windows cold and cold to her? Of course not, and it is impossible, because the powerful human sensory system, the touch, still exists intact. In fact, in the days that followed, with Helen Keller in contempt of the pain and suffering of the disease, he built up her cognition in a nearly sweeping manner, overcoming the barrier of blindness, deafness, and mute. Link up love and warmth.

. Let’s follow Helen Keller back to March 1887 when Miss Sullivan put a water cup in my hand and spelt the word ‘water cup’ on my hand. Then she began to pour water into the cup and wrote the word “water” on my hand. She wanted me to distinguish “water cup” from “water”, but I couldn’t tell the two words clearly. We walked down to Shuijing Square. Along the way, the fresh smell of flowers and plants is refreshing. Miss Sullivan put one of my hands under the outlet and began to press the water. As the cool water flowed through my hand, she quickly spelt the word ‘water’ on my other hand, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. Suddenly it seemed to me that a miraculous force was guiding me, that I knew instantly the mystery of words, and that the word ‘water’ was the name of this cool and wonderful thing flowing through my hand.

The word “water” is like the sunshine of three or nine cold days into my heart. This vital word awakens my long-asleep heart, brings me infinite light and hope, and knowledge lets me get rid of the bondage. Put me in a free world.

. Miss Sullivan opened the door of my heart, and the experience of Shuijing Square opened the eyes of my heart. I look forward to something new every day. Every day I am impatient to touch everything I can touch and quickly remember their names. The more things I touch, the stronger my desire to know them is, and gradually I know not only the names of things, but also their uses. My heart is filled with joy and confidence, and I no longer feel lonely, because I feel connected to the outside world. (from the autobiography of Helen Keller).

in this way, Helen Keller learned what is the cool wind of practice, what is the thick earth, what is the rivers, lakes and oceans, what is the alternation of day and night and the cycle of the four seasons.

The sense of touch magically opens a window for the unfortunate Helen Keller, who, with her instinctive awareness of life and extraordinary willpower, has been able to recognize and feel the world as well as the able-bodied.

recall that none of us in the first place did not build our cognition by tactile. Why is it that the first word a child usually says is “mother”, not so much a mother as a good pronunciator? because mother is the first big, close, stereoscopic, safe, and pluralistic tactile object of a child. In October pregnancy, the child felt the mother’s temperature, mother’s mood, mother’s palm touch, mother’s whispering vibration. At birth, the child felt the continuous squeezing of the mother’s entire birth canal and the wake-up of the whole body. After birth, the child can suck the tits and feel the nourishment of sweetness, may from time to time be greasy on her mother’s warm shoulders, can scratch her long soft hair, can touch her loving face, and can touch her every time she needs her mother. I heard my mother saying, “it’s okay, Mom is.” It stinks again. Mom helps you get it. It will be comfortable for a while. Mom cut your nails. Don’t be afraid. Mom gave you a massage. “

when the child gets full tactile stimulation and is able to integrate the visual, auditory and vocal organs in a coordinated manner, the child suddenly presents a milestone moment in which he starts calling ‘Mom’.

As Helen Keller put it: “the amazing experience of Shuijing Square suddenly aroused my thirst for knowledge.” I finally understand that everything in heaven and earth has its own name. ” Yes, the mother also has a name, so the child can feel and recognize the existence and state of the objective body of the mother through tactile, when he can express it in words. It makes sense to label this first perceived consideration of objectivity as a language.

As Helen Keller put it: “sometimes the hands appreciate the beauty of sculpture better than the eyes.” The sense of tactile rhythm to the curve is deeper and more accurate than the visual experience. ” So at the moment, we know some of the behavior of the child: why he eats his hands, why he bites his toes, why he sees things in his hands to stop, why he has to touch and touch in a new environment. Why.

Life is truly magical. Relying on the dogged fighting spirit and the magic of touch in the genetic code, wisdom can build a bridge between the mind and the world. It is time to liberate the child’s touch, and then you take him with him, he brings his own slow desire for knowledge and keen sense of touch, together to come to a brilliant life trip!

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