10 sentences per day (day 51)

2, Keepyourfacetothesunshineandyoucannotseetheshadow.–HelenKeller

Just look into the sun and you won’t see the shadow. Helen Keller

3, Ourownheart,andnotothermen'sopinion,formsourtruehonor.–SamuelTaylorColeridge

My honor consists not of the opinions of others, but of my own heart. Coolidge

4, EvenwhenIwasn'tsurewhereIwasgoing,Iwasalwaysinahurry.

Even if I don’t know where the way is, I always step in a hurry.

5, Easytosaywelove,difficulttodemonstrateiteveryday.

It’s easy to say that I love you. It’s much harder to prove your love every day.

6, Alwayslookatthebrightsideoflife.Ifthereisnobrightside,waituntilthefutureturnstolight.

Focus on the bright side of life. If there is no glorious side, be patient and wait for the brilliance to come.

7, Ittakesastrongmantosavehimself,andagreatmantosaveanother.

Strong people can only save themselves, great people can save others.

8, Educationisnotfillingabucket,butlightingafire.

Education is not to fill a bucket of water, but to light a fire.

9, Hopeisagoodthing,maybethebestofthings,andnogoodthingeverdies.

Hope is good, perhaps the best of things, and good things never die.

10, Theworld'smostwideocean,widerthantheoceanisthesky,widerthantheskyisthehumanmind.

The widest in the world is the ocean, the wider than the ocean is the sky, the wider than the sky is the mind of man. & # 821; Hugo

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